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Leadership Alabama

Leadership Alabama gives established leaders across Alabama exposure to the broader fabric of the state. It develops a network of relationships and provides a structure for this network to seek mutual understanding of problems and priorities for Alabama’s future. Leadership Alabama encourages its members to act, individually and in concert, to move Alabama forward to help our state reach its full potential.

The Program

Leadership Alabama is a statewide nonprofit organization which each year brings together a class of 50-60 participants for four two and one half day retreats in a nine month period. The program objective is to present to the participants a series of issues-oriented forums based on the belief that knowledge is a key element and prime motivator of leadership. Class members visit communities across the state, and as they seek a mutual understanding of the problems and priorities facing the state, they also seek to invent vital solutions to the challenges that define the future of our state.

Since its founding in 1990, over 1000 citizen leaders in Alabama have participated in the Leadership Alabama program. These members are selected based on their leadership abilities, career accomplishments, volunteer activities, contributions to the community and commitment to help shape a better Alabama. They do not share a common age, gender, lifestyle, career or hometown. What they do share is a vision of what Alabama can and must be as we move into the 21st century. And they share the ability to lead our state to that visionary future.

To prepare Alabama to move vigorously into the 21st century, progressive planning and administration of our public programs must become the challenge and responsibility of all of our private citizens. Our leaders in business, labor, education, the nonprofit and volunteer organizations, agriculture and indeed from all segments of our society must play a role if our state is to move forward. Leadership Alabama was founded to provide the network necessary to activate those citizens who must fill these leadership roles.

Each fall, fifty to sixty accomplished leaders from around the state are selected to participate in Leadership Alabama. These educational programs present the many social, economic and governmental complexities associated with an issue to stimulate inquiry, analysis and avenues for involvement. Among the issues challenging our state:

  • Politics and Government
  • Education
  • Business and Economics
  • Quality of Life

From our first weekend together at our Orientation Retreat to our Graduation Ceremony, our members are informed, engaged and encouraged to make a difference in their own personal, individual way.  We visit points north, south, east and west during our class year challenging our class to listen, learn, teach, think and do with an expanded, broader vision of the paths to take to move our state forward.

As a non-partisan organization we measure our progress by the efforts of our individual members – qualified candidates who offer themselves for public office on the local, regional and state level; tireless visionary individuals who lead an initiative to a successful end despite numerous setbacks; volunteers who have a sincere concern about the future of Alabama and a personal commitment to help shape that future.