ūüéČ What a GRAND "30th and holding" Celebration ūüćĺ

August 10, 2022

‚ÄúCelebrate good times, come on!‚ÄĚ

After scheduling, rescheduling and rescheduling yet again, we were finally able to gather at The Grand Hotel on July 27 ‚Äď 29 for Leadership Alabama‚Äôs¬†‚Äú30th and holding‚Ķ‚ÄĚ anniversary celebration,¬†and what a celebration it was!¬†

‚ôꬆ¬†380+ members and guests

‚ôꬆ¬†26 generous corporate and personal sponsorships

‚ôꬆ¬†Members from all classes — Class I through Class XXXI ‚Äď and Classes XXX and XXXI with the most attendees

‚ôꬆ¬†Four incredible speakers — Dr. Jim H. Johnson, Jr., Ms. Jody Singer (Class XXVIII), Mr. Alex Sheen and Dr. John Dorsey (Class XXI)

‚ôꬆ¬†An informative update from Brunson White about the Alabama Citizens for Constitution Reform‚Äôs efforts

‚ôꬆ¬†A fabulous Low Country Boil welcome party on the Grand Patio Beachside

‚ôꬆ¬†A beautiful cocktail reception and dinner in the Grand Ballroom

‚ôꬆ¬†An unbelievable, over-the-top band, ‚ÄúBig Swing and the Ballroom Blasters‚ÄĚ

‚ôꬆ¬†Non-stop dancing by a very energetic and laughing ‚Äúbevy of dancers‚ÄĚ

‚ôꬆ¬†Delicious food, great spirits, terrific fun

‚ôꬆ¬†Fabulous frozen drinks by the pool

‚ôꬆ¬†The many amenities of the ever-accommodating Grand Hotel

‚ÄúIt was a great conference for everyone.¬†¬†It was informative, and the speakers were super.‚Ä̬†¬†Rita Franklin, Birmingham, Class VII

‚ÄúA word of thanks for a wonderful celebration last week.¬†¬†Everything appeared to go exceptionally well, and if it didn‚Äôt, you hid it well.¬†¬†Thanks for including spouses.¬†¬†Mine for one not only enjoyed it but it¬†helped her understand why ‚ÄúLeadership.‚ÄĚ ¬†¬†Bill Sullins, Huntsville, Class XXII

‚ÄúWhat a triumph!¬†¬†The Leadership Alabama 30th¬†Anniversary celebration was a blast.¬†¬†Every component of¬†the event was enlightening, engaging and just plain fun.‚ÄĚ Carol Hunter, Mobile, Class XXVIII

‚ÄúThis was fabulous.¬†¬†Everything was perfect!‚ÄĚ ¬†Sonny Craig, Decatur, Class XVI

‚ÄúPart of the enduring genius of Leadership Alabama‚Äôs design over 30 classes ago is its total commitment to non-partisan, non-political education and networking of the highest caliber. This conference was no exception and was one of the finest ‚Äď it not the finest ‚Äď conference that I have ever been privileged to attend. It is truly an honor to be part of this legacy of excellence.‚ÄĚ ¬†Lynn Beshear, Montgomery, Class III

‚ÄúThank you for putting together a wonderful ‚Äú30th‚ÄĚ Leadership Alabama celebration.¬†¬†Jan and I enjoyed everything about the event:¬†¬†seeing people, the food, the hotel, etc. Jim Johnson was at his best ever.‚Ä̬†Jim Hughey, Birmingham, Class V

‚ÄúWhat a wonderful Leadership Alabama reunion.¬†¬†It was a spectacular event.‚ÄĚ ¬†John Anzalone, Montgomery, Class XXI

‚ÄúI loved it!¬†¬†Thanks for making this event so special.‚ÄĚ ¬†Beth Marietta Lyons,¬†Dauphin Island, Class XVII

‚ÄúJust a wonderful event!¬†¬†A great, great job, and I am so honored to be a part of it.‚ÄĚ ¬†Michael Chambers, Mobile, Class XXIV

‚ÄúThe 30th¬†Anniversary (and holding) celebration was truly a fine, first-class event and was thoroughly¬†enjoyed by all.‚Ä̬†¬†Richard Stabler,¬†Fairhope, Class XXII

‚ÄúKUDOS for the tremendous success of the 30th¬†(and holding) Anniversary!¬†¬†I don‚Äôt think it could be improved upon.‚ÄĚ ¬†Linda Young,¬†Dothan, Class IX

‚ÄúThe 30th¬†celebration was fantastic!¬†¬†The venue, the speakers and the social time were all perfect!‚ÄĚ ¬†DeLynn Zell, Birmingham, Class XXX

‚ÄúThe speakers you chose ‚Äď even the pinch hitter ‚Äď were just GREAT.¬†¬†Plus, the FUN band Thursday night was a real bonus!‚ÄĚ ¬†Nancy Robertson, Huntsville, Class XXVII

‚ÄúGreat reunion at Point Clear!‚ÄĚ ¬†Phil Webb,¬†Anniston, Class XXXI

‚ÄúWhat a success!¬†¬†Everything was wonderfully great.‚ÄĚ ¬†Debbie Long,¬†Birmingham, Class XVIII

A GRAND thank you to everyone who joined us and
celebrated Leadership Alabama’s “30th and holding” Anniversary!!

Till next time… (mark your calendars for 2025!),
Kate and Ashley

‚ėÄÔłŹThe latest news ... Class XXX, Class XXXI, ALI and the 30th!!

June 22, 2022

Greetings from Leadership Alabama!

The past several months have been incredibly busy conducting LA retreats and ALI sessions, finalizing the participants in Class XXXII, and planning for the anniversary celebration next month!  And, it is our pleasure to share an update about it all.

New Officers/Board Members

As of July 1, the start of our fiscal year, a new slate of officers will assume duties, new board members will join the board and we will offer a salute to those who are rolling off the board after graciously serving the organization for six years.


  • Melissa Morrissette, Chair, Mobile – Class XXI
  • David Nast, Immediate Past Chair, Huntsville – Class XX
  • Linda Young, Vice Chair, Dothan – Class IX
  • Michael Patterson, Treasurer, Birmingham – Class XXII
  • Kyle Buchanan, Secretary, Muscle Shoals – Class XXV

New Board Members

  • Penny Billings, Huntsville – Class XXV
  • Stephanie Bryan, Atmore – Class XXVIII
  • Chuck Holmes, Birmingham – Class XXX
  • Horace Horn, Montgomery – Class XXV
  • Delbert Madison, Montgomery – Class XXXI
  • Henry O‚ÄôConnor, Mobile – Class XXIII
  • Kevin Savoy, Abbeville – Class XXIX
  • Jody Singer,* Huntsville – Class XXVIII
  • David Turner, Birmingham – Class XXX

    *Non-voting, NASA Liaison

They will be joining current board members Doug Bachuss (Decatur), Chip Bivens (Birmingham), Trey Clegg (Birmingham), Melissa Craig (Decatur), John England (Tuscaloosa), Tyrone Fenderson (Mobile), Helene Hassell (Mobile), Sandy Killion (Birmingham), Dave King (Huntsville), Michael Kirkpatrick (Huntsville), Vanessa Leonard (Rockford), Gordon Martin (Birmingham), Grits Morris (Montgomery), David Muhlendorf (Florence), Deborah Bell Paseur (Florence), Eva Robertson (Birmingham), Sheron Rose (Montgomery), Spud Seale (Montgomery), David Silverstein (Birmingham), Robert Simon (Birmingham), Richard Stabler (Fairhope), Todd Strange (Montgomery), Kennon Walthall (Birmingham), Jay Watkins (Mobile), Danny Windham (Huntsville) and Bennet Wright (Montgomery).

Those rolling off after serving two three-year terms¬†are¬†Robbie Baker¬†(Mobile),¬†Ed Crowell¬†(Montgomery) and¬†Sanjay Singh¬†(Birmingham).¬†¬†Additionally, current board members who are all former chairs electing the¬†‚Äúemeritus‚Ä̬†status are¬†Bill Coleman¬†(Montgomery),¬†Seth Hammett¬†(Montgomery),¬†Jim Hughey¬†(Birmingham) and¬†Caroline Novak¬†(Montgomery).

Upcoming ‚Äú30th¬†and holding‚Ķ‚Ä̬†Anniversary Celebration

July 27 – 29, 2022
The Grand Hotel
Point Clear, Alabama

As of today, 380 members and guests have registered to attend next month’s celebration!  If you haven’t registered and reserved a hotel room, it’s not too late!  Click on the link below for more information, a list of those attending, sponsors, etc.

Fabulous Field Trip to Atmore

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians March 9, 2022

What an afternoon!  Many LA members and current Class XXXI members were treated to another fabulous visit in Atmore.  Keith Martin, Tribal Council Member and Class XXXI, offered greetings on behalf of the entire community, and afterwards we were treated to a playful exhibition by children, a tour of the Poarch Creek Community Center housing several distinct services and initiatives, and a visit to Muskogee Technology.  Stephanie Bryan, Chair & CEO of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, Class XXVIII and new LA board member, made a surprise visit after a very long day in Montgomery to offer additional comments about the community and to conduct Q&A.

Class XXX Graduated at last!

Birmingham Retreat March 16 & 17, 2022

After an unbelievable delay due to ongoing COVID constraints/concerns, Class XXX, which launched in October 2019, finally convened this past March in Birmingham for a graduation celebration dinner, hosted by David Turner and Regions, and one-day session at Jones Valley Teaching Farm (JVTF) with incredible speakers and topics.  Those who participated in the programming day were Michael Patterson (Class XXII and LA board member), Amanda Storey (ALI Class I), Trey Echols (Class XXXI), Scott Adams (Class XXIII), Nick Sellers, The Honorable Teresa Pulliam (Class XXX), Bennet Wright (Class XXIX and LA board member), Chip Bivens (Class XXII and LA board member), Dr. Ray Watts, Tony Cochran (Class XXX) and Dave Wood (Class XXX).

We thank everyone, class members and speakers alike, for their patience and willingness to adapt to the ever-changing plans.

Class XXXI

Due to ongoing COVID issues, the Mobile retreat scheduled for January was postponed until March, so this class met in Mobile in March, Huntsville in May and Birmingham in June ‚Äď whew!¬†¬†The mayor of each city, all LA alum, greeted the class and offered an informative and interesting overview of the city and region.¬†¬†In addition to many of the issues which are consistently incorporated into the retreats, many new issues/venues were included, as well, and it is our privilege to acknowledge those who selflessly shared their time and expertise with the class, as follows ‚Äď

Mobile Retreat¬†March 10 ‚Äď March 12, 2022

Melissa Morrissette (Class XXI & LA board chair-elect), The Honorable Sandy Stimpson (Class II), The Honorable Merceria Ludgood (Class II), David Clark (Class XXIII), Darron Patterson, Joe Womack, Terrance Smith (ALI Class I), Allison Muhlendorf (ALI alum), Dr. Mike Daria (Class XXXI), Dr. Michael Douglas (Class XXXI), Dr. Jeremiah Newell, Mark Dixon, Daryl Taylor (Class XXX), Michelle Hurdle, Helene Hassell (Class XXIV and LA board member), Dr. John Valentine (Class XXIII), Chris Blankenship (Class XXXI), Roberta Swann (Class XXIX), Dr. Sean Powers and Rick Clark.

We were fortunate to convene on the 29th floor at Regions Bank for a panoramic view of the port and city and to enjoy an afternoon of excellent sessions.  Additionally, Airbus rolled out the red carpet, once again, and offered the class a behind-the-curtain program and tour of the facility.  This was followed by a visit to Flight Works Alabama, an incredible workforce development program that is a partnership between Airbus and Alabama’s STEM Workforce Development.   Afterwards, we spent the afternoon at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, which is always a treat, and the retreat concluded with an information session and fabulous tour of the Port of Mobile on Saturday morning.

A huge round of applause to the Dinearound hosts!
Rebecca & Bradley Byrne, Ralph Hargrove, Jeb Shell, Carol Hunter, Terri & Patrick Murphy, Ashley & Henry O’Connor, Elizabeth Stevens, Leah & Richard Stimpson and Heather & George Talbot.

Huntsville Retreat¬†May 12 ‚Äď May 14, 2022

David Nast (Class XX and LA board chair), The Honorable Tommy Battle (Class XXIII), Diana King, Steve Miley (Class XXXI), many professionals on Redstone Arsenal, Lee Marshall (Class XXIX), The Honorable Steve Marshall (Class XXVI), The Honorable Paul Finley (Class XXIX), Scott Russo, LaDerrick Thomas, Dr. Jim Purcell (Class XXIX), Steve Cook (Class XXX), Ronnie Chronister (Class XXXI), Matt Massey, Rich McAdams (Class XXV), Nichole O’Brien, Craig Stallings, Dr. Neil Lamb (Class XXIX) and Danny Windham (Class XXIII and LA board member).

What would we do without Diana King and her incredible leadership in organizing and facilitating an eye-opening, unique and extremely informative afternoon at Redstone Arsenal and the Marshall Space Flight Center?  Once again, this was at the top of everyone’s list as being an outstanding experience.  The next morning was spent at Kids to Love, an unbelievable organization touching so many lives, and then we moved to Dynetics, where we were enthusiastically greeted for our afternoon session involving many speakers.  And, it wouldn’t be a true Huntsville retreat if it didn’t end at HudsonAlpha, where the class spent another memorizing, entertaining and high energy morning.

A huge round of applause to the Dinearound hosts!
Cynthia & Rey Almodovar, Penny Billings, Hank Isenberg, Randy Jones, Diana & Dave King, Lee & David Nast and  Leslie & Danny Windham.

Birmingham Retreat¬†June 2 ‚Äď 4, 2022

The Honorable Randall Woodfin (Class XXVI), Mashonda Taylor (ALI Class I), Dr. Robert Record, Dr. Tommy Bice (Class XX), Mary Helmer Wirth (Class XXIX), Mike Putman, Rev. Arthur Price (Class XXIX), The Honorable Anthony Daniels (Class XXIX), The Honorable Arthur Orr (Class XX), J.W. Carpenter (Class XXIV), Zhaundra Jones, Gordon Martin (Class XVII & immediate past LA board chair), Dawn Bulgarella (Class XXXI), Dr. Selwyn Vickers, Dr. Matt Might, Brooke (Class XXXI) & Daniel Coleman (Class XXX), Eva Robertson (Class XXIX & LA board member), Scott Adams (Class XXIII), Nick Sellers, Amanda Storey (ALI Class I), Trey Echols (Class XXXI) and Dave Wood (Class XXX).

We were fortunate to start the Birmingham retreat at Social Venture in Woodlawn, for it is the perfect venue for hearing the great news about Woodlawn and the community’s commitment to affordable housing, quality educational opportunities and wellness, in addition to other topics related to revitalizing Alabama’s downtowns and commercial districts.  The afternoon was spent in the historic 16th Street Baptist Church, for which we are always grateful to be able to showcase with the class.  The class celebrated its graduation dinner at The Club, with lively entertainment provided by the Red Mountain Theatre performers.

On Friday morning, the class was mesmerized by everything¬†UAB¬†‚Äď the speakers, the tour, the information, the research, the impact, etc., and it was such an honor to be able to gather there. The honor continued when Brooke and Daniel Coleman graciously hosted the class at their historic Birmingham home,¬†The Swann House, accompanied by an historical account from Daniel.¬†¬†The class then boarded the buses and headed to¬†Jones Valley Teaching Farm¬†for the afternoon session and tour.¬†¬†Saturday morning was the final session for Class XXXI, and they gathered for a buffet breakfast before hearing about Dave Wood‚Äôs remarkable experiences of flying our disabled veterans to medical care.

A huge round of applause to the Dinearound hosts!
Brooke & Bob Battle, Dawn & Joe Bulgarella, Collins & Trey Clegg, Chappell & Charles Miller, Barvette & Michael Patterson and Eva & Jim Robertson.

ALI Class IV

Shoals Session III April 21 Р22, 2022

We traveled to the Shoals in April for ALI Class IV’s third session and graduation.¬†The LA Board of Directors also met in the Shoals on Thursday, April 21, and helped kickoff the session by joining Class IV’s graduation lunch.¬†After lunch, the class learned about small town revitalization from Main Street Alabama’s¬†Mary Helmer Wirth¬†(LA Class XXIX) and also how the¬†Shoals area is making a difference with small business resources from Kimberly Hughston (ALI Class IV), Kim Lewis (LA Class XXVI) and Larry Lewis.¬†Ashley Morrow (ALI Class II) shared an enlightening and¬†impactful presentation on balancing time and energy from work,¬†civic, and family life.¬†We celebrated the last¬†session¬†with a¬†fun evening of bowling, trivia, and games in downtown Florence.¬†On Friday, April 22, we kicked off the morning with a strong round table/small group discussion about the ALI program and moving forward before we visited the world famous FAME Recording Studio and Helen Keller’s Ivy Green home.

So many wonderful connections and relationships were made through ALI Class IV. In addition to meaningful presentations throughout their program year, each member noted how valuable it was to join a network of like-minded young professionals.

ALI Class V Nominations

Class V Nominations are OPEN!

Qualified applicants for ALI need to have shown leadership and commitment in a professional capacity and within their own communities.

We seek to identify individuals most likely to utilize their leadership abilities for the long-term benefit of Alabama and individuals who are committed to making Alabama a better place in which to live and prosper. Through the application process, we strive to select participants who will provide the class with broad professional, geographic, ethnic, and gender representation.

Basic criteria for selection are:

  • A commitment, motivation, and interest in serving Alabama;
  • A concern for Alabama‚Äôs future, demonstrated by past community and statewide activities; and,
  • A commitment to continued involvement in ALI.

Please give serious thought to nominating a young leader in your community for consideration. Candidates should be no younger than 25 and no older than 40 years of age.

Click here to read more about the ALI program.
Click here to nominate for ALI Class V!

COMING SOON… ¬†Announcing Leadership Alabama Class XXXII!

Contact us!!

Don’t hesitate to reach us by phone or email with any questions about news above or the upcoming events.¬†We look forward to seeing so many LA members this summer at the 30th (and holding…) Anniversary!

Kate Cotton – 205-515-6515 –
Ashley Kaplan – 205-905-9415 –

ūüď£ Attention... ALI Class V Nominations are OPEN!

June 20, 2022

Alabama Leadership Initiative
Class V Nominations are OPEN!!

In 2017, in order to offer young professionals the opportunity to develop personal leadership skills and to establish ongoing relationships with other young leaders across the state, the Alabama Leadership Initiative was expanded to a six-month program comprised of three two-day retreats. ALI exposes participants to the decision makers in Alabama who are sensitive to the challenges we face as a state and provides the unique opportunity to step inside the circles of those who mold the future of our state.
The Alabama Leadership Initiative is statewide and focuses on three areas.

  • Education
    Class members connect with statewide experts in order to increase their knowledge of the issues impacting Alabama.
  • Connections
    The Initiative provides a unique opportunity to bond with like-minded leaders from throughout the state.
  • Personal Development
    The programming includes leadership training in various areas, including public speaking, effective board involvement and political involvement.
Qualified applicants, ages 25-40, need to have shown leadership and commitment in a professional capacity and within their own communities. Each class is limited to 40 ‚Äď 45 participants, and selection to participate in the program is dependent on the submitted applications.

Tuition for the program is $1,750, and there is scholarship assistance for those with financial need. An application for assistance is provided as part of the overall application process.

2022 ‚Äď 2023 Program Year

Thursday, November 3 ‚Äď Friday, November 4, 2022

Thursday, February 9 ‚Äď Friday, February 10, 2023

Thursday, April 20 ‚Äď Friday, April 21, 2023
Location TBD

Click below review qualifications of candidates for ALI Class V.

ALI Qualifications

Click below to access the nomination form.

ALI Class V

For questions or more information regarding ALI, please contact
Kate Cotton, 205-515-6515, or
Ashley Kaplan, 205-905-9415,

ūüéČ It's almost time to celebrate 3-0 years!

May 24, 2022



$250 per person by mail
$260 per person online

Click here to register! (Registration does NOT¬†include the Grand Hotel–>)



LA group rate starts at $319 per night, plus taxes and fees.

Each member is responsible for his/her own hotel charges.

Click here to book your hotel! (Hotel reservation does NOT include LA 30th registration <–)

Check out

to see the RSVP list!



Ben Nemtin – click to see video clip


Keep reading…

Dr. Jim Johnson

Disruptive Demographics
Changing minds – and lives…
‚ÄúThere was an opportunity to do something about the issues I cared about,‚ÄĚ he says. ‚ÄúI could stop just writing about them and make change.‚ÄĚ

Keep Reading…¬†

Jody Singer

Alabama to Outer Space
NASA’s Mega Moon Rocket…¬†ARTEMIS 1 is ready to LAUNCH!
Jody Singer shares the importance and value of space missions in Alabama.

Keep Reading…

Dr. John Dorsey

Making a Difference
Project Horseshoe Farm in West Alabama…
“founded on the belief that the path to earning trust is though our behavior, our relationships, and how we treat others as individuals, and that this approach transcends the many differences between us that can sometimes divide us.”

Keep Reading…¬†

THANK YOU to our

loyal and wonderful sponsors!



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ūüĆü Come join LA Class XXXI for Dinner in Huntsville ūü•ā

April 26, 2022

Huntsville Area
Membership Dinner
Friday, May 13, 2022
6:45 p.m.

Come join
Leadership Alabama Class XXXI
for dinner during their retreat!

We’ll gather for a fun and casual dinner at the new
Redstone Federal Credit Union Twickenham Center
200 Davis Circle Northwest
Huntsville, Alabama 35801

featuring dinner catered by Huntsville’s own¬†and LA Class XXXI class member
Stephanie Kennedy-Mell

Please click below to RSVP and reserve your spot by Monday, May 9, 2022.

RSVP here!


ūüéČ Don't hesitate... Register now to celebrate our 30th (and holding!) Anniversary ūüí•

April 6, 2022

July 27 – 29, 2022
The Grand Hotel
Point Clear, Alabama

REGISTER with Leadership Alabama!

$250 per person by check/mail
$260 per person online/credit card
LA Member + spouse/guest = $500/$520.

Registration fee includes all speakers, programs, meals and grand celebration for the entire weekend. A la carte pricing for each session is NOT available. While the Grand Hotel is a great family destination, LA celebration events are for adults only. Please check with the hotel for children’s activities and sitter services.

Visit and click on the REGISTRATION tab at the top to register.
Click to pay registration fee online.

RESERVE your hotel with the Grand Hotel!

The Leadership Alabama group rate starts at $319 per night, plus taxes and fees.
Each member is responsible for his/her own hotel charges. In the unfortunate event you need to cancel your reservation, please contact the Leadership Alabama office first.

Click to make a reservation at the Grand Hotel.

We are grateful for our LOYAL SPONSORS.


We’re thrilled to CELEBRATE¬†with attendees from Class I to Class XXXI!

Click below to see the RSVP guest list!

Click here to visit and click on the ATTENDEES tab at the top.


January 17, 2022


2022 ‚Äď 2023

Click here to see criteria and qualifications for a Leadership Alabama nominee.

Note the following:

  • You may nominate more than one person.
  • You may nominate anyone in the state, not just someone from your geographic area.
  • For candidates¬†not selected for Class XXXII, Leadership Alabama notifies you, the LA member,¬†NOT¬†the nominee. People are often nominated without their knowledge, thus the reason we¬†only communicate with the nominator.
  • Nominations close on¬†Friday, February 25.

Click here for the Class XXXII Nomination Form

Program Dates ‚Äď Class XXXII

  • Thursday, October 6, through Saturday, October 8, 2022 – Montgomery
  • Thursday, January 12, through Saturday, January 14, 2023 – Mobile
  • Thursday, March 9, through Saturday, March 11, 2023 – Huntsville
  • Thursday, May 11, through Saturday, May 13, 2023 – Birmingham

Click here for more information about the Leadership Alabama class program year.

Leadership Alabama is open to all who meet the qualifications adopted by the Board of Directors, regardless of age, sex, race, religion or national origin. Participants are selected largely on the basis of demonstrated leadership ability.

The Nomination Process:

  1. A nomination form must be received by Friday, February 25, 2022 for a person to be considered for LA Class XXXII.
  2. Nominations will be considered by the Regional Councils throughout the state, who prioritize the nominations of those in their geographic areas.
  3. The Executive Committee will review the prioritized lists from the Regional Councils and then submit the list of nominees to the Board of Directors for approval.
  4. All nominations are given thorough consideration, but not all will be selected to participate in the class. The Leadership Alabama Board of Directors will approve the final class roster. Consideration will be given to building a class that represents Alabama’s diversity, both professionally and geographically, as well as in the areas of age, gender and ethnicity.
  5. Leadership Alabama will email those selected for membership and copy the nominator.

ūüĎčūüŹĹ New Year Update from Leadership Alabama

January 10, 2022


Atmore Field Trip
Poarch Band of Creek Indians Community

Unfortunately, due to the rise in COVID cases, the special field trip to Atmore scheduled for this Wednesday, January 12, has been postponed.  We hope to reschedule in the near future, and we will certainly let you know as soon as a new date is confirmed.

Class XXXI’s Mobile Retreat

Again, due to the current COVID situation, we made the difficult, yet prudent, decision to postpone the January retreat.¬†¬†As such, we simply “shifted” everything forward.¬†¬†The March dates already on the class retreat calendar will be spent in Mobile, the May dates will be spent in Huntsville, and we are currently working to schedule the Birmingham graduation retreat in June.

Nominations for Class XXXII
(Program Year ‚Äď October 2022 through May 2023)

Nominations open next Monday, January 17, and an email with all of the information and online application will be sent at that time.  The nomination process will close on Friday, February 25.

‚Äú30th¬†& Still Holding!‚ÄĚ Anniversary Celebration

Wednesday, July 27, through Friday, July 29, 2022
The Grand Hotel
Point Clear, AL

Start watching for information via emails about registering with Leadership Alabama to attend the event AND reserving a room at the Grand Hotel (two separate items).  They will be sent in late January.

IMPORTANT¬†‚Äď Per the Leadership Alabama Board of Directors,¬†‚ÄúAll dues paying members are cordially invited to join the anniversary festivities.¬†¬†If you haven‚Äôt paid your annual dues of $175 but plan to attend, please pay online or via mail (see below) so that you will be able to register and reserve a room when the process begins.‚Ä̬†¬†

2021 ‚Äď 2022 Leadership Alabama
Membership Dues & Contributions

Even though we are in a new calendar year, Leadership Alabama is still in its fiscal year of July 1 ‚Äď June 30.¬†¬†So, if you haven‚Äôt had a chance to pay your dues in support of this year‚Äôs budget, it‚Äôs not too late!¬†¬†We thank the hundreds who have paid their dues and included generous contributions, for your support is truly our anchor.

If paying your dues is still on your ‚Äúto do‚ÄĚ list,¬†we humbly ask you to submit your annual dues of¬†only $175.¬†¬†¬†You can make an immediate and secure payment online simply by clicking pay link below.¬†¬†Or, if you prefer a printed invoice for mailing a check, please click the invoice link below.¬†¬†Simply print and mail with your check to Leadership Alabama, P.O. Box 131394, Birmingham, AL 35213.

Click here to pay dues online.

Click here for printable invoice.


ūüĆü Happy Holidays from Leadership Alabama

December 20, 2021

Oh what a difference a year
(and vaccines!) can make…

Cheers to being together again in 2021!

We look forward to a happy new year of programming and celebrating “Leadership Alabama… 30 and holding!”
in July 2022 (more details to follow soon!)

Sending merry and bright holiday wishes to you and yours this season from Leadership Alabama.

Kate and Ashley

kay ivey lunch 2.jpg

kay ivey lunch.jpg

Leadership Alabama
Class XXXI Opening Retreat
October 2021 – Montgomery

ali iv.jpg
ali iv3.jpg
ali iv1.jpg

Alabama Leadership Initiative
Class IV Opening Session
November 2021 – Montgomery