🎉 What a GRAND "30th and holding" Celebration 🍾

🎉 What a GRAND "30th and holding" Celebration 🍾

August 10, 2022

“Celebrate good times, come on!”

After scheduling, rescheduling and rescheduling yet again, we were finally able to gather at The Grand Hotel on July 27 – 29 for Leadership Alabama’s “30th and holding…” anniversary celebration, and what a celebration it was! 

♫  380+ members and guests

♫  26 generous corporate and personal sponsorships

♫  Members from all classes — Class I through Class XXXI – and Classes XXX and XXXI with the most attendees

♫  Four incredible speakers — Dr. Jim H. Johnson, Jr., Ms. Jody Singer (Class XXVIII), Mr. Alex Sheen and Dr. John Dorsey (Class XXI)

♫  An informative update from Brunson White about the Alabama Citizens for Constitution Reform’s efforts

♫  A fabulous Low Country Boil welcome party on the Grand Patio Beachside

♫  A beautiful cocktail reception and dinner in the Grand Ballroom

♫  An unbelievable, over-the-top band, “Big Swing and the Ballroom Blasters”

♫  Non-stop dancing by a very energetic and laughing “bevy of dancers”

♫  Delicious food, great spirits, terrific fun

♫  Fabulous frozen drinks by the pool

♫  The many amenities of the ever-accommodating Grand Hotel

“It was a great conference for everyone.  It was informative, and the speakers were super.”  Rita Franklin, Birmingham, Class VII

“A word of thanks for a wonderful celebration last week.  Everything appeared to go exceptionally well, and if it didn’t, you hid it well.  Thanks for including spouses.  Mine for one not only enjoyed it but it helped her understand why “Leadership.”   Bill Sullins, Huntsville, Class XXII

“What a triumph!  The Leadership Alabama 30th Anniversary celebration was a blast.  Every component of the event was enlightening, engaging and just plain fun.” Carol Hunter, Mobile, Class XXVIII

“This was fabulous.  Everything was perfect!”  Sonny Craig, Decatur, Class XVI

“Part of the enduring genius of Leadership Alabama’s design over 30 classes ago is its total commitment to non-partisan, non-political education and networking of the highest caliber. This conference was no exception and was one of the finest – it not the finest – conference that I have ever been privileged to attend. It is truly an honor to be part of this legacy of excellence.”  Lynn Beshear, Montgomery, Class III

“Thank you for putting together a wonderful “30th” Leadership Alabama celebration.  Jan and I enjoyed everything about the event:  seeing people, the food, the hotel, etc. Jim Johnson was at his best ever.” Jim Hughey, Birmingham, Class V

“What a wonderful Leadership Alabama reunion.  It was a spectacular event.”  John Anzalone, Montgomery, Class XXI

“I loved it!  Thanks for making this event so special.”  Beth Marietta Lyons, Dauphin Island, Class XVII

“Just a wonderful event!  A great, great job, and I am so honored to be a part of it.”  Michael Chambers, Mobile, Class XXIV

“The 30th Anniversary (and holding) celebration was truly a fine, first-class event and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.”  Richard Stabler, Fairhope, Class XXII

“KUDOS for the tremendous success of the 30th (and holding) Anniversary!  I don’t think it could be improved upon.”  Linda Young, Dothan, Class IX

“The 30th celebration was fantastic!  The venue, the speakers and the social time were all perfect!”  DeLynn Zell, Birmingham, Class XXX

“The speakers you chose – even the pinch hitter – were just GREAT.  Plus, the FUN band Thursday night was a real bonus!”  Nancy Robertson, Huntsville, Class XXVII

“Great reunion at Point Clear!”  Phil Webb, Anniston, Class XXXI

“What a success!  Everything was wonderfully great.”  Debbie Long, Birmingham, Class XVIII

A GRAND thank you to everyone who joined us and
celebrated Leadership Alabama’s “30th and holding” Anniversary!!

Till next time… (mark your calendars for 2025!),
Kate and Ashley